Direct Fired Heaters

Take Advantage of AGL On-Site Solutions’ Expertise in Custom Direct Fired Heaters

AGL On-Site Solutions is proud to be your number one supplier of Engineered Product Packages worldwide. We have a wide variety of products and solutions available to meet any application. AGL On-Site Solutions’ will work closely with you and your team of engineers from the start of each project in order to provide you with the best and most economical solution.We specialize in all aspects of fired heaters and waste heat recovery units (WHRU’s) serving the global market place in the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

Direct Fired Heaters for Refining Applications
Direct Fired Heaters for Refining Applications

What are Direct Fired Heaters?

Direct fired heaters are essentially heating units that give off a hot gas. They result from heating up hydrocarbon liquids. It is then conveyed to a process liquid or gas which flows through tight metallic coils within the heating vessel.

What are the Applications for Using Direct Fired Heaters?

Direct Fired Heaters can be used in a variety of different refining applications. This includes crude, vacuum, reboilers, feed, hydrocrackers, hydrotreaters, cokers, charge heaters, etc. for applications as diverse as refineries, GTL, LNG, FPSO’s, methanol/hydrogen plants among others.

What types of Direct Fired Heaters are available?

The following is a list of some Direct Fired Heater products that we can offer:

  • Crude Heaters
  • Vacuum Heaters
  • Hydrocrackers
  • Visbreakers / Thermal
  • Crackers
  • Reboiler heaters
  • Charge Heaters
  • Platformers
  • Hot Oil Heaters
  • Regeneration Gas Heaters
  • Natural Gas Heaters
  • Steam Superheaters
  • Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU’s)
  • Reformers

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