Industrial Generators

When You Need Power AGL On-Site Solutions has the Industrial Generator for You

Dresser-Rand Power Generator
Dresser-Rand Power Generator

AGL On-Site Solutions is here to help you prepare for planned outages, maintenance, and seasonal demands with our industrial generators. We are proud to offer a range of industrial generators and portable generators to suit all of your company’s needs.

After many years of operating in the industry and being one of the pioneers of engineered products in western Canada, AGL’s fundamental goal is to manufacture and supply the best industrial products, including industrial generators, in the world.

A Manufacturer You Can Count On

Modular Dresser-Rand 336KW Power Generation Package
Modular Dresser-Rand 336KW Power Generation Package

At AGL On-Site Solutions, we want to provide the best products, the best quality systems, and the utmost attention in client care.

We pride ourselves on making sure that each of our client’s get the perfect industrial generator specific to their needs. We work closely with your team to ensure that all specifications are met.

Industrial generators have a multitude of applications and are important for businesses who cannot afford to lose power in the event of a shutdown or weather concerns. Industrial generators and portable generators are perfect for industrial sectors like construction, petrochemical, oil & gas, as well as the mining and metal industries.

We offer the following industrial generators:

  • Industrial Diesel Generator
  • Industrial Portable Generator
  • Industrial Natural Gas Generator
  • Industrial Bio Gas Generator
  • Industrial Duel Fuel Generator

As each product and packaged system gets built to your specifications from the start, you can be sure it was built correctly. From the beginning of the custom design to the last nut and bolt being tightened, you will know why you hired us to get the job done, and done well!

Preventative Maintenance and Care

Three (3) Dresser-Rand Power Generation Packages Installed at Site
Three (3) Dresser-Rand Power Generation Packages Installed at Site

We service everything we build. We can provide preventative maintenance agreements for all the products that we sell. This helps reduce any downtime that could occur. Preventative maintenance means that your industrial generator will always be functioning when you need it most.

We will work with you and your team to schedule the ideal time for maintenance to avoid any disruptions in business or service.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. After-Install maintenance service makes best use of the warranty we provide with every new system built. Out in the field or within city limits, our maintenance technician will be there ensuring your industrial generator is protected and fully operational.