Nitrogen Membrane Generator Packages

Turn-key systems that are designed for continuous flow applications.

Product Description

Our Nitrogen Membrane Generators are supplied as a complete, ready to use system. All Industrial Generators are custom designed and packaged to meet all of your site specific nitrogen generation requirements.

Nitrogen Membrane Technology:
Pressurized air is fed through hollow fiber membranes, each containing a bundle of fibers which allow only smaller oxygen molecules to exit through them under pressure.

The permeation rates of water vapor, CO2, and oxygen are faster than nitrogen and argon, causing them to readily diffuse through the fiber walls. Nitrogen molecules remain in the fiber bore and are collected as the nitrogen product gas.

The air flow rate is used to calculate how much undiffused oxygen remains with the nitrogen gas. Nitrogen product gas is exceptionally dry, with atmospheric dew points reaching below -40°F. The membranes act like a filter with no moving parts, continuously generating nitrogen at selected flow and purities of between 95% and 99.5%.